Melon con Jamon is one of the Spanish more common appetizers for summer days, is easy and fast to prepare, fresh and with an irresistible salty touch. 

Back from the 80’s

It reminds me also to the days in the 80s when I travelled to hotels in the coast, when the days were long, and to have melon con jamón on dinners was so trendy. 

Nowadays there are different and new versions of the classic melon and Spanish jam appetizer like saladas were you can combine raw spinach and some olive oil with the sweet melon and the salty jamón serrano

Perfect for potluck

Watermelon with Spanish Serrano jam is perfect to serve in a potluck or gattering with friends.

Which ham do I need?

Spanish serrano ham, cured, is not the same as Iberian Spanish ham, the Iberian is a better quality one, that is served with no complements. To prepare your melón con jamón buy your serrano ham in thin slices. 

You can prepare your melon con jamón with the melon you prefer, but is typical to serve it with melón Piel de Sapo, Italian Netted or Charantais, the melon with green skin and white inside. 

If you want to host a finger food party you can serve the wedges cutter in pieces with the jam forming melon and ham brochettes, just make them before serving and serve cold.  

Spanish Melon con Jamon Appetizer

Course Main course
Cuisine Spanish
Keyword Jamón, Melón, Spanish
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 6 people
Author Laura Fernández
Cost 10$


  • 1 Knife
  • Brochette sticks Optional


  • 1/2 unit Melon 2kg
  • 200 g Serrano ham In slices


  • Clean the skin of the melon with water.
  • Cut your melon in wedges, around 2 inches each.
  • Remove the melon seeds. 
  • Keep the melon cold and the serrano jam room temperature
  • Serve each melon wedge with a serrano ham slice (or two) and ¡enjoy!

Some potluck ideas

If you want some Spanish potluck inspo, you can also check this recipes:

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  1. Me encanta, es perfecta para acompañar una tabla de quesos para esta primavera o verano.

  2. Amo el melón con jamón! Ya con ganas de que llegue el verano! Me encantó la idea de servirlo en pinchos. Con un gazpacho me vendrán de maravilla. Mmmm.

  3. This is a great idea for summer, refreshing and healthy at the same time! you just gave me an option for the pool parties we organize at home

  4. I love this Mediterranean appetizer. I’m buying a honeydew to make this soon. I love how you present it and the many options, either in skewers or wrapping the melon with jamón serrano. Yum!

    1. I found a small honeydew, sliced it as you did, and wrapped it with serrano ham. So yummy! Again thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Lo incluiré en mi próxima tabla de quesos, en el verano seguro lo disfrutaremos un montony💜

  6. Mira que nunca había visto esto de Melón con Jamón, pero se ve divino!! Yo amo el jamón en todas sus versiones!

  7. El melón con jamón es una de las recetas que no falta en los aperitivos de verano en España, muy tradicional! Mi suegra hace una crema de melón y le pone crujiente de jamón por encima, también muy rico, otra variante con los mismos ingredientes.

  8. What a delightful appetizer! I love the two ways you serve it. I think the skewers are great as they are always so fun to eat and keep your fingers clean. I haven’t seen this piel de sapo melon where I live but I bet honey dew melon would work!

  9. Delicious appetizer Laura! I love this recibe. I always prepare melon con jamon on summer to my friends. A big hug!

  10. This recipe makes me so nostalgic. It makes me remember when I lived in Tenerife that it was very fashionable

  11. Un gran clásico que nunca pasa de moda. A mí personalmente no me gusta el contraste de dulce y salado. Pero a mi chico le fascina 🤭

  12. I found the piel de sapo melon at Cotsco and a good ham there too and made the pinchos. My friends loved them!

  13. Me encanta esta idea, definitivamente lo incluiré la próxima vez que haga una tabla de quesos. La combinación de sabores es una maravilla

  14. Una receta típica española que no puede faltar en cuanto se acerca el buen tiempo!!! El melón con jamón estilo brocheta me ha parecido muy llamativo, queda muy vistoso para sorprender si tenemos invitados.

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