Brunch has already become popular for locals and visitors in the Spanish capital, allowing us to enjoy the increasingly varied late breakfasts that are enjoyed unhurriedly on weekends. 

The Madrid brunch offer is endless. In this list are the ones that, in my humble opinion, include best quality, best service and  best value for money options for all tastes. The perfect start in your late mornings with a nice coffee and the best breakfast menus.

Best brunch spots and their ingredients to success

For me the best brunches in Madrid meet 4 requirements: good coffee, homemade sweets and artisan breads, fresh products (fruit and/or vegetarian options) and, finally, all this nice food served in a cozy space with authenticity (with such a varied offer, I love being able to choose small entrepreneurs whenever is possible).

The idea of creating a map I hope it will help you to locate the best brunch by areas of Madrid, because although I recommend you take a look at the descriptions of the brunch I tell you below and their schedules, the location will always help us to enjoy the best brunch in our area, because today there are good brunches in Madrid from North to South and from East to West.

Brunch prices in Madrid

There is a wide variety of prices ranging from 10 €  in the cheapest spots to 60-100 € for brunch in the large terraces of the best hotels.

I have decided to position myself in the intermediate-prize brunch, which can present a good homemade croissant and not defrosted, but are always crowded because their prices are around 15-20 € per person.

Beik Beik, small homemade bakery in Almagro. 

Beik Beik is a recently opened one of the nicest coffee shops in Madrid, with its own bakery and a few tables next to its counter full of homemade sweets. 

They have a brunch for two people for 15€/person and a simple but complete breakfast menu. 

In their menu you will find a variety of specialty coffees, toasts without frills (avocado, roasted tomatoes) and homemade sweets baked by their owners. A place to enjoy your morning coffee any day of the week without frills.

Vista desde arriba de una mesa con dos platos de sándwiches a la parrilla, tazones de salsa, una taza de mayonesa, café helado y vasos de agua.

My Beik Beik favorites are in the photo: don’t forget to order their salty scone (cheese and chives) which is spectacular, or their jam & cheese croissant that they serve very crunchy and warm. 

Address: Calle Ponce de León 6 (next to metro Iglesia)

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 9am to 7pm, Sat-Sun: 9am to 4pm

WATTS CANTINA. Best pancakes in Madrid are served in La Latina.

Planning a visit to Watts Cantina is a must for pancake lovers, its reputation for making the best pancakes in Madrid is well deserved.

Un plato de desayuno que incluye una pila de panqueques cubiertos con un huevo frito, tocino crujiente y rociados con almíbar, servido en un plato blanco.

There are queues at the door on weekends, so if you are lucky enough to visit vibrant La Latina on weekdays, don’t miss it. 

This “cantina” is open every day except Tuesdays and its kitchen is open all day, which I applaud. Their pancakes can be eaten for breakfast or as merienda.

Un plato blanco con huevos revueltos, aguacate en rodajas y dos trozos de pan tostado, aderezado con queso rallado y hierbas picadas.

Watts worth a visit for their pancakes with maple syrup (and crunchy bacon if you want), their breakfast burrito, their scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese, and also for having a cozy “diner” decorated in wonderful shades of green, and in the daytime they serve their delicious brunch with jazz music and specialty coffee.

On weekend nights you can find out about their events through their social networks.

Address: Calle Don Pedro 4 (5 min walk from the metro La Latina)

Opening hours: Mon-Thur 8 to 19h. Fri-Sat: 10 to 24h, Sun: 10 to 17h

KATZ. Best homemade pastrami in their Middle Eastern brunch.

Katz is a pleasant surprise hidden in the Northern area of Madrid (Chamartín District).

Katz has become well known for its gluten-free bakery and its pastrami that has nothing to envy to the best pastrami in New York.

Hay una mesa puesta con varios alimentos para el desayuno, incluidos huevos, jamón, tocino, fruta fresca, panqueques, café y jugo de naranja.

Talking about brunch, their weekend brunch is spectacular with inspiration from the best Middle Eastern food they serve: fresh food(hummus, tomato and cucumber salad…), borekas (spinach and cheese pie), eggs and crispy bacon, their homemade pastrami, sweets (ruggelach) and a generous fresh fruit plate.

Un desayuno acompañado de panqueques, huevos fritos, tocino, pan, frutas variadas, un plato de hummus, un vaso de jugo de naranja y una taza de café sobre una mesa.

I didn’t lie to you that I will focus on the more complete and delicious brunches, did I?

Their weekend brunch is around 25€/person  (weekends and holidays) and it can be shared for two  it with two asking for something else, or if you can’t finish your brunch you can carry home some hummus left (we had to) they will provide for you a good take away recipient.

Their mini brunch (14,85€) includes eggs, bacon, pastrami, french toast and salad, and is served every day. 

In the photo their weekend brunch for two and their fluffy pancakes for one, that we shared for 3 people and took tuppers home. 

I recommend you to book and talk to them about their weekend brunch schedules because their place is very small.

Address: Gabriel Lobo 26 (metro Cruz del Rayo)

Opening hours: 8 to 24h (they also serve dinners, take a look at their menu).

Hermanas Arce, brunch served on weekdays.

Hermanas Arce is one of the quietest and most minimalist places in Madrid managed by Arce sisters. Their menu is simple but with great quality ingredients and their coffee is one of the best I have ever tasted.

It is important to remember that they are currently only open from Monday to Friday, and as it is a small place it is a good idea to make a reservation.

Un plato de comida con una rodaja de frittata, salmón ahumado, ensalada fresca, rodajas de aguacate, tomates, un huevo cocido y un tenedor a un lado.

In their social networks they post their dishes of the day every week, which are always cooked with seasonal products, but on their brunch menu and their counter you find babka, pancakes, sourdough toast with comte and  a soft-boiled egg and their amazing dishes with smoked salmon and potato rosti. 

Their sweets, among which I highlight their wonderful babka, are freshly baked at they worth a try, they are 100% homemade. 

Address: C/Marques de Monasterio 6 (near Metro Colón)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9 to 16:30

Etual Cafe. Best brunch in Las Letras with their Caccio e Pepe Scramble Eggs.

Etual Cafe is a wonderful specialty coffee spot that takes great care of the product

Their coffee is delicious, and their scramble eggs caccio e pepe (with parmesan cheese and pepper) in an incredible tender brioche bread are the best I have ever tasted for breakfast.

Una vista superior de una comida que consiste en un plato con aguacates en rodajas cubiertos con hierbas y semillas, otro plato con pan y queso y una taza de café con latte art sobre una superficie azul.

Its location is privileged, close to Atocha Station and in the heart of the “Barrio de las Letras”, a great place to stop after visiting Museo del Prado or Thyssen Museum, and its shelves are full of wonderful cookbooks. 

It is not a bad idea to visit them from Monday to Friday because their place is very small and it is difficult to find a table, although their opening hours are long and they have serve salty options like arepas for lunch.

Address: C/Alameda 8 (near the Caixaforum and the Prado Museum).

Schedule: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 20:00 – Sat-Sun: 9:00 to 20:00

Federal Café. Brunch on the terrace and kitchen open all day.

Café Federal is one of the places that has been offering its brunch for many years (2015) and without losing quality. 

Its premises is spacious, with space for laptops at shared tables, with a terrace on the Plaza de las Comendadoras that is a good reason to enjoy your Saturday or Sunday afternoon on this Aussie spot, and they are also not far away by foot from Malasaña neighborhood.

El mostrador de una panadería que muestra varios pasteles bajo cubiertas transparentes con etiquetas, junto a una máquina de café expreso y tazas apiladas.

In their menu they have savory options such as burgers, scrambled eggs or sandwiches, and a wide variety of pancakes and cakes.

Una rebanada de tarta de queso con caramelo en un plato con un tenedor y dos cafés con leche con espuma en forma de corazón sobre una mesa oscura.

The coffees are among the most international, and in Federal Café you can enjoy the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte in season. 

Address: Plaza Conde de Barajas 3 (near Plaza Mayor)

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 9:00 to 22:00

Mazal Bagels. NY style bagels in Chamberí.

If you fancy a brunch with freshly baked bagels that you can enjoy in both sweet and savory versions Mazal Bagels can not miss on your route. 

Among their specialties are the bagel with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, and the chicken schnitzel with spiced and battered chicken. 

Un plato de comida sobre una mesa.

In this article I tell you a little more about Mazal Bagels, one of my favorite places, where you can enjoy bagels of various flavors and cakes (pecan pie, chocolate cake …) and freshly baked cookies following authentic American recipes. If you are craving authentic American food don’t forget to book your Sunday brunch at Mazal.

Una persona sostiene un sándwich y papas fritas.

They have a complete menu and their kitchen is open all day, so don’t forget that is a nice place also for a snack in a Sunday afternoon and don’t forget to taste their necessary cookies (American Style with plenty of chocolate chips).

Un plato de tortitas con un huevo encima.

Address: C/ Bretón de los Herreros 35 (metro Ríos Rosas)

Schedule: M-Th: 8:30 to 20:30, F: 8:30 to 22:00, S: 9:00 to 22:00, D: 9:00 to 20:30 (it is possible to book your table on weekends).

Clima Cafecito. Specialty Coffee in Chamberí.

Just in front of Mazal Bagels you can find this specialty coffee shop that is perfect for a quiet moment with your moning coffee, especially from Monday to Friday or in evenings when Cafecito has their nice music in a calm atmosthere. You can enjoy their nice coffee shop with lots of natural light and plants where you can have your coffee or a lunch (take a look at their menu, they serve sandwiches, milanesas, etc) and leisurely, something not so common in Madrid.

Dos platos de desayuno con huevos, tocino, aguacate, ensalada y pan junto con tazas de café y un batido sobre una mesa gris.

In clima cafecito, as its name suggests, they serve good quality specialty coffee they roast, soft drinks and cocktails to help with summer months in the city, and they also have homemade cakes and cookies on the counter.

If you are looking for savory options for your brunch, they have a brunch menu or you can choose among their brunch dishes, in their menu you will find scrambled eggs with bacon, potatoes and salad, or sandwiches like the chicken melt (with shredded chicken and cheese) and from Monday to Friday they have a daily special. 

Address: C/ Alonso Cano 51 (metro Ríos Rosas)

Schedule: M-F: 8:30 to 20:00, S: 9:00 to 19:00 and D: 9:00 to 18:00

Bucólico Café. Best brunch in Chueca with delicious eggs benedict.

Bucólico Café  has become a very popular spot in Chueca, close to  the city center,  when visiting Bucolico you will find all the ingredients for a good brunch: specialty coffee, eggs benedictine with a rich hollandaise sauce, homemade sweets (babka, cookies…) and an incredibly rich grilled cheese.

Un plato de tostadas con huevos y eneldo.

Bucolic is always full, but its atmosphere is equally quiet, I recommend you to book and enjoy their spicy and very well seasoned food with the calm they deserve. In this post I tell you a little more about Bucólico Café.

El interior de una cafetería con mesas y sillas de madera.

Address: C/Barbieri 4

Opening hours: L-D: 8:30-19:00

Nomade Cafe. Vegetarian options and homemade pancakes.

In addition to specialty coffees, Nomade Café serves all kinds of breakfasts including healthy breakfast options, in their menu you will find: their well known avocado toast served with egg and halloumi, spiced avocado and almond toast , their granola and natural yoghurt bowl served with fresh fruit or Turkish eggs. They have plenty of halthy breakfast options and a wide ranged menu perfect for vegans or vegetarians.

Vista aérea de un desayuno extendido sobre una mesa de madera, que incluye panqueques con tocino, un sándwich de huevo y pan tostado con una guarnición de salsa.

Among the specialties of Nomade Cafe are their pancakes or cookies, you can not miss this varied brunch with many spicy touches and plenty of  international customers. 

Address: Calle de los 3 Peces 22 (Antón Martín Market area)

Schedule: Mon-Sat: 9:00 to 18:00

Only You Atocha. The most complete brunch with views in Retiro area.

A varied brunch on the top floor of the central hotel Only You Atocha where you can book a table in the dining room or on the terrace with views, is the perfect place to enjoy a brunch if you are going to take a train from Atocha Station .

The full weekend brunch menu costs around 40€/person, is served on Saturday and Sunday morning and includes:

A drink/appetizer “Appletiser”, coffee and fresh juice.

Appetizers (gildas, butter and vegetarian spreads, croquettes, blinis with salmon…).

A main course choosing between: burgers, eggs benedictine, calamari sandwich (Madrid typical dish), salads, etc. 

A cocktail, which was a refreshing gin fizz the day we enjoy this brunch to close a memorable meal.

Address: Pº de la Infanta Isabel 13 (zona Retiro, junto a la estación de Atocha)

Schedule: S-D: 12:30 a 15:30

Marieta. The Brunch for lovers of Iberian ham and perfect for all ages in Madrid Center.

If you are one of those who can’t conceive a good breakfast without the Spanish tradition of pairing orange juice, coffee  and toast with oil and jamón ibérico (Spanish best quality ham) in Marieta, one of the restaurants of the famous Larrumba restaurants group, you will not be disappointed.  Their brunch is booked with a closed menu for 25€ per person, and served for a minimum of 2 people.

Vista superior de una mesa de desayuno con varios platos, incluidos croissants, embutidos, quesos y bebidas, con las manos de una mujer visibles.

It is certainly a very complete weekend brunch, in a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy a more traditional breakfast with: toast, bread, ham, the aforementioned Iberian ham, smoked salmon, cheeses, butter, scrambled eggs, yogurt with fruit and of course, a croissant to finish. 

It is a classic if you are looking for a place to have breakfast or lunch in the Barrio Salamanca, and like all the restaurants of the Larrumba group, although it does not stand out for its originality, it always stands out for its comfort, good service, and quality in very central locations. 

I have to say that I tried this downtown brunch with two people with food adaptation needs: one pregnant and one allergic and the treatment was impeccable, they replaced the necessary food without skimping at any time. It is a comfortable place perfect for all ages, with ample seating and space between tables, suitable for seniors and children. 

Address: Pº de la Castellana 44

Opening hours: S-S-S: 10:00 to 13.30

Adorado Bar. Brunch all day in Lavapies directly from Buenos Aires.

I recognize that I have a special affection for Adorado because there is another Adorado Bar in Buenos Aires, where some good friends lived, and we sent each other cross photos with their dishes, almost as if we were in the same restaurant, but with an ocean of distance.

Una vista de la calle que muestra una cafetería con un toldo de rayas rojas y paredes cubiertas de graffiti, con gente sentada afuera.

Needless to say that in Argentina they are fans of breakfast, snacks and coffee, so my friends enjoyed their Adorado Bar for as many years as they could, and in our case we had a great brunch place in the neighborhood of Lavapies where there is no shortage of alfajores.

Their menu is very extensive: they have tuna melt savory dishes (one of my favorite sandwiches), a vegetarian roasted eggplant sandwich, salads, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and everything you would expect to find in a late breakfast, which they also serve every day of the week.

Un plato de huevos Benedict con aguacate y ensalada, acompañado de patatas asadas, servido en una mesa.

Their full brunch menu, for 17€ you can enjoy avocado toast or eggs with smoked salmon and potatoes, yogurt with granola and berries and toast with dulce de leche and jam served at any time of the day.

Address: C/ Mesón de Paredes 22 (Lavapies, metro Tirso de Molina)

Parque Café. A nice terrace to enjoy their French Pastry.

Parque Café embroider the not inconsiderable task of baking quality croissants, it is true that the level is very high in large bakeries like La Duquesita, but if we think of cafes with specialty coffee and menu to enjoy a good brunch, the list of good quality  real croissants is not very long, and Parque Café (from the same owners as Pum Pum Bakery) bake everyday their sourdough breads and croissants. If you have sweet tooth and you are craving for a nice sweet treat visit Parque Cafe, you will not regret it.

Mesa de desayuno con tostadas de aguacate, croissant, un plato de fruta y tres bebidas, incluido café y jugo de naranja, iluminada por la luz del sol.

Their place is tiny and fills up quickly, but they have a large and busy terrace overlooking the Berlin Park that you can not miss. 

Their brunch menu that costs around 15€ includes several toasts, such as the typical avocado and egg, coffee, fresh orange juice, yogurt with granola and fresh fruit and of course: an incredible croissant. 

Their breads and focaccias, as well as their pastries are sold to take away, so do not forget to get up early because it is always a good plan to return home loaded with good sourdough bread. 

Address: C/ Victor de la Serna 1 (Parque de Berlín area)

Schedule: M-F: 8:00 to 20:00


t is very clear that Madrid has many options for brunch and breakfasts to discover. Therefore, I promise to keep visiting places and creating posts about snacks, places to have cakes, the best croissants, and much more.

Every corner of this city has something special to offer, and I am determined to explore each one of them. I always welcome suggestions, so do not hesitate to share your favorite places with me!


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