If you are going to visit Oviedo (Uvieu n’asturianu) I recommend you some of my favorite coffee shops and bakeries so that you will not miss good breakfasts or snacks in your trip.

Una vista nocturna de una concurrida plaza de la ciudad con un mercado navideño y la fachada iluminada de una catedral gótica.

As carbayona (or native from Oviedo) everyone reminds me that in 2024 Oviedo becomes the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy. Between this recognition that puts it even more on the gastronomic map, and the improvement of some of its communications, I dare to think about its snacks in case you feel like trying some of my favorites.

Most common areas when visiting Oviedo as a tourist

Oviedo is a perfect city to visit on foot, where you can stroll through the streets of the Old Town or the streets near the Cathedral and where I propose some stops on foot.

oviedo breakfast and bakeries map

Camilo de Blas. The most famous pastry shop in Oviedo.

A must visit in Oviedo, it is one of the most emblematic and famous pastry shops. Its decoration is beautiful and according to my memories it has remained unchanged for decades, without losing its essence.

Una delicatessen antigua con una variedad de productos en exhibición, atendida por un empleado mientras los clientes curiosean.

You must try here their carbayones (typical almond pastries from Oviedo, this is also the name given to Oviedo’s inhabitants), their croissants and their casadielles (typical Asturian walnut & anise sweets). 

The croissants of Camilo de Blas are considered the favorite in Oviedo, they never fail as a snack with a good coffee. Of course, you will enjoy a tender croissant (flaky brioche type) and not a crunchy texture as French croissants.

Interior de una panadería tradicional con una variedad de pasteles expuestos bajo cúpulas de cristal y un fondo de azulejos decorativos.

Address: Calle Jovellanos 7 (5 minutes walk from the Cathedral)

To take away

Opening hours: 9:00-20:00

Prices: 2-4€ piece of pastry or cake.

La Mallorquina. A classic afternoon for afternoon snacks in Oviedo 

I admit that I am not impartial with La Mallorquina, because it brings back memories of childhood snacks on rainy and cold days, and you can’t fight against the memories of a good snack. 

In its counter they have handmade pastries and its spacious lounge next to the train station is perfect for a breakfast before leaving or a quiet snack.

In their menu you can of course find carbayones and casadielles if you are looking for typical products. 

Addresses: Milicias Nacionales 5 (commercial area) and Emilio Alarcos 5 (next to the train station).

Opening hours: 7:00-21:00

Prices: 3 € (carbayón) to 6 € (coffee and cake).

Summum. Sourdough modern bakery

Between Plaza de Riego, a perfect pedestrian square to enjoy a good vermouth if the Asturian weather allows it, and Plaza del Ayuntamiento, this bakery has opened recently.

Una variedad de panes en estantes de madera en una panadería con el nombre "SUMMUM" en la pared de arriba.

I think it is essential to support young entrepreneurs, especially when they bake high quality products, and Summum is a good example of this. If you are looking for a good sourdough bread in Oviedo this is your stop.

Productos de panadería variados expuestos en una panadería, con especial atención al "nudo de canela" a un precio de 2,50 euros.

In addition to freshly baked sourdough breads, you can’t miss their croissants, their cinnamon buns (Nordic style) and their brioches with chocolate chips (my favorites). 

Summum is not going to offer you typical Asturian gastronomy, but it could not be missing in my list of high quality places, because their bread deserves a stop and if you spend a week in Oviedo you will need their bread in your pantry. 

Pasteles variados, incluidos croissants y brioche, expuestos en una panadería.

Address: Calle Jesús 16 (Close to Plaza del Ayuntamiento)

Opening hours: 9:30-14:30 (week) / 9:30-14:00 (weekend)

Prices: 2-3 €

Verdú. Ice cream and Spanish turrón (nougat) in Oviedo

Verdú’s turrones have been on the Asturian Christmas tables for decades, but my suggestion is that if you visit Oviedo in summer, don’t miss their turrón ice creams. 

If you like “real” nougat chunks, their nougat ice cream will cheer you up any day, sunny or rainy, which in the North you have to go with an open mind.

Addresses: Calle Cimadevilla 7 (next to the Town Hall) y Calle Milicias Nacionales 5 (next to San Francisco Park and Woody Allen’s statue)

Opening hours: 10:00-20:00

Prices: 13-15 € (300g nougat tablet)

Per Se. The afternoon is long and dogfriendly on this pub

This spacious local with vintage decoration and young atmosphere, is the coziest cafeteria in Oviedo that opens in the afternoon-evening, thinking about snacks, cakes, drinks and cocktails that can be extended until night. 

It is the most dogfriendly place in Oviedo, which still has a lot to learn from its neighbor city Gijón where they accept dogs almost everywhere.

Un vaso de café con crema batida y malvaviscos sobre una mesa de mármol.

Per Se has an indoor terrace and a varied menu of coffees, chocolates and cocktails if you are thinking of something stronger than coffee. 

They also have sofas, cookies and nothing is missing to make you feel at home in this special space perfect for a rainy afternoon after  along walk.

Address: Calle Canóniga 18 (close to the Cathedral)

Opening hours: 16:30-23:30 (Monday to Thursday) / 16:30-05:30 (Friday and Saturday) / 13:00-23:30 (Sunday)

Prices: 3-10 €

Pionero Coffee Roasters. Specialty coffee has arrived in Oviedo. 

This large coffee shop has high quality specialty coffee roasted in their own establishment and they will not hesitate to advise you with all the kindness that characterizes them.

Vista interior de una cafetería informal con carteles promocionales, un mostrador de vidrio que muestra productos y áreas para sentarse visibles a través de paredes de vidrio.

It is a quiet place (nothing to do with the big cities’ specialty coffee shops) a cozy place to enjoy your newspaper, and any of the coffees from their extensive menu. 

Un vaso de café con leche helado con una pajita negra sobre una tabla de servir de madera, acompañado de un vaso pequeño de agua.

Address: Marqués de Pidal 21 (5 minutes walk from the train station and San Francisco Park)

Opening hours: 8:30-13.30 y 15:30-20:30, perfect for early risers (closed on Sundays).

Prices: 2-5€

Qué Me Das. The most varied Brunch in town

Qué Me Das is the closest to a brunch menu you will find in Oviedo. In their menu you can find healthier dishes such as omelettes or scrambled eggs and, of course, pancakes and waffles.

Un interior de cafetería acogedor y colorido con decoraciones eclécticas y un cartel de bienvenida en lo alto.

It is not for early mornings; they open at 9:30 and sometimes it takes them a while to prepare dishes from their menu, but if you are looking for a late breakfast or a relaxed brunch it is a very good option. 

It is important to note that they have vegetarian options on their menu for both breakfast and lunch.

For lunch they also have salads and snacks such as nachos or hamburgers. 

Una bandeja de desayuno con huevos revueltos, panqueques, huevos fritos, capuchinos, jugo de naranja y guarniciones sobre una mesa de madera.

Address: Marqués de Pidal 18 (5 minutes from the train station and San Francisco Park)

Opening hours: 9:30-21:30

Brunch price: 15-18 €

Casa Montoto. The Bollín Preñao & wine

If you look for information about “Casa Montoto” on newspapers, they remind us that it is a traditional place “without coffee machine or television”, to which I would add “and without payment terminal”, you have to pay in cash. 

Casa Montoto it’s a place that hasn’t changed over the years, the people of Oviedo have been enjoying since 1976 their mini bollos preñaos (homemade white bread buns stuffed with chorizo, very typical in Asturias). They also baked and small tuna empanadas that are freshly baked dairy. 

Dos bollos recién horneados en un plato azul con un vaso de bebida al fondo.

It is typical to enjoy their bollo preñao with a glass of wine or  soft drink, and at “vermouth hour” or aperitive hour (in Spain it is considered that extended period between 12:00 and 15:30pm).

It is not uncommon to see a good crowd around the bar on their outside tables located on Calle San Bernabé. 

Interior de una animada cafetería con clientes en el mostrador y sentados en las mesas.

Address: Calle San Bernabé 9 (near the Church of San Juan)

Opening hours: 12:00-15:00-18:00-20.00 (closed on Sundays).

Prices: 3-10€ (they do not accept credit cards, only cash payment)

Dos de Azúcar Bakery. The sweetest corner of the old town.

This small bakery in the Fontán Market area has many modern sweets (like red velvet), in case you feel like having a sweet afternoon cake and you have already tried the most typical Asturian sweets.

Un vaso de café helado con crema batida y galletas desmenuzadas encima, servido en un platillo, con una pajita rayada y flores rojas al fondo.

They have a wide variety of coffees and sweet milkshakes, and a very cozy space for a breakfast or afternoon snack

Address: Calle Fierro 19 (near the Town Hall and the Fontán Market)

Opening hours: 9:00-21:00 (Monday to Sunday)

Prices: 6-12 €

The Moscovitas of Rialto

Rialto is a traditional tea room, widely recognized for its typical moscovitas (chocolate and almond praliné thin cookies similar to florentines), probably the best known sweet of Oviedo, made with almonds like the typical carbayones

Escaparate de pastelería y confitería "rialto" con escaparates de postres y dulces.

Its lounge is comfortable and perfect for a breakfast  snack or snack and its sweets are very rich and homemade. 

I recommend you to try any sweet puff pastry variety with almonds; in Asturias almonds predominate in the elaborations and I personally love them.

Una vitrina llena de pasteles variados, incluidos croissants y bollos glaseados, con etiquetas de precios en euros.

Unfortunately, I must warn you that the coffee at Rialto is not up to the level of their sweets. For me it is a pity that they serve bitter coffee (commón in Spain, know as torrefacto) that is not as good as their sweets. I wish I could combine Pionero’s Coffee with Rialto’s pastries.

Pausa para el café con pasteles sobre un mantel rosa.

Address: Calle San Francisco 12 (between San Francisco Park and the Cathedral)

Opening hours: 9:00-21:00

Prices: 6-20€. The box of 250g of Moscovitas is around 17 €.

Vegetarian Breakfast and Snacks in Oviedo

If you are looking for vegetarian options in the Asturian capital you can’t miss:

Que Me Das (the one I mention above)


Casa Chema. if you are looking for a good meal and you have a car you can’t miss among the best vegan and vegetarian food in Asturias.

To buy Asturian cheeses my recommendations are: 

Aramburu in Oviedo

La Quesería in Gijón

Aitor Vega Quesos in Langreo


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